The project consortium is multidisciplinary and combines partners with competence in interventions in autism, robotics, and automatic emotion recognition from Poland, UK, Germany, North Macedonia, and Turkey. The methodological approach includes systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis, data analysis based on statistical and machine learning approach, and as well as observational studies. We have planned double-loop of observational studies. The first round is to analyze the application of emotion recognition methods in robot-based interaction in autism, and especially to compare diverse channels for observation of emotion symptoms. The lessons learned would be formulated in the form of guidelines. The guidelines would be evaluated with AGREE (Appraisal of Guidelines, Research, and Evaluation) instrument and confirmed with the second round of observational studies.

Legal nameCountryRole
GdaƄsk University of TechnologyPolandCoordinator
The University of Hertfordshire Higher
Education Corporation
United Kingdom Partner
Istanbul Teknik UniversitesiTurkey Partner
Yeditepe University VakifTurkey Partner
Macedonian Association for
Applied Psychology
The Republic of
North Macedonia
Universitaet AugsburgGermany Partner