On 30.05-3.06, the training “Affective computing and social robots in the therapy of children with autism” was held at the Gdansk University of Technology, Poland as part of the EMBOA project. We hosted over 40 participants from four project partner countries, including Turkey, Germany, the UK and Poland. Participants had the opportunity to familiarise with numerous topics within the scope of the project including technology-assisted therapy for children with autism, social robots and emotion recognition. Finally, they reviewed and evaluated the “Guidelines for Emotion Recognition in Robot-supported Interventions in Autism” developed within the project.

Many thanks to all participants for their active participation in this event!

Training agenda:

  • Monday (30.05.2022) – EMBOA project introduction
  • Tuesday (31.05.2022) – Technology-enhanced autism therapy
  • Wednesday (1.06.2022) – Affective Computing
  • Thursday (2.06.2022) – Social robots in autism therapy
  • Friday (3.06.2022) – EMBOA project guidelines